• Tivoli Integrates with Geneva
    Tivoli Systems Inc. has integrated its management software into Geneva Technology’s real-time billing system for mobile IP, ISPs and ASPs. The system features include authentication, authorization, accounting, IP provisioning, and rating and billing with Web self-care ...More
    February 1, 2001 Posted in News, Billing
  • KPNQwest to Provide AIP Services
    European IP-services provider KPNQwest recently launched its application infrastructure provider services to let its customers develop their own ASP-based businesses and revenue streams. Some of the services it plans to offer include billing and customer care, payment ...More
    February 1, 2001 Posted in News, Billing
  • Comptel to Integrate with TelesensKSCL
    Mediation services provider Comptel will integrate its software into billing provider TelesensKSCL’s Jupiter Solutions portfolio. The agreement is designed to offer network owners end-to-end billing for traffic carried over next-generation mobile networks. ...More
    February 1, 2001 Posted in News, Billing
  • Group 1 and GDT to Integrate
    Geographic Data Technology (GDT), a map database developer, and Group1 plan to integrate their software to give users access to municipal tax boundaries across the United States. Group1 will integrate its GeoTax software, which standardizes customer addresses and appends ...More
    February 1, 2001 Posted in News
  • Two New Convergys Contracts
    Alltel has extended its contract with Convergys until 2003 to migrate its wireless subscribers from Convergys’ systems. WaKuL Inc., a next-generation communications service provider, has signed a five-year managed services contract to use Convergys’ Catalys software. ...More
    February 1, 2001 Posted in News
  • Content: Conquer and Divide
    “Free” is the optimal word on the Internet, but future revenue models could hide the costs from consumers and divvy up the profits among partners. Carriers and billing providers prepare for the onslaught of content services that customers may—or may not—buy. Traffic ...More
    February 1, 2001 Posted in Articles, Billing
  • COMX 3.0 Upgraded
    Telution Inc. has released its upgraded Communication Exchange (COMX) 3.0, an integrated suite of billing, customer care and order management software. New features include automated work task management, online bundled service ordering and integrated data mining. ...More
    February 1, 2001 Posted in News, Billing
  • All Voice Services over IP? It Will Never Happen!
    For the past four years VoIP proponents have been predicting that soon 50 percent of the world’s voice traffic will be voice over IP (VoIP), and that the days of circuit-switched technology are numbered! And for the last four years I have been calling these hyped claims ...More
    February 1, 2001 Posted in Articles
    Erik Froberg has been named CEO of Digiquant (formerly Belle Systems), and the company’s founder, Hasse Rasmussen, has been appointed chairman of the board and chief technology officer. Froberg came to Digiquant from General Atlantic Partners, a private equity firm.ATIS has ...More
    February 1, 2001 Posted in News, Billing
  • Copernicus Global Billing Services Ltd. is based in London and financially backed by Durlacher
    orp. The company provides Web-based service suites that include subscriber rating and billing, collections, registration, service activation and provisioning. It also handles CRM for ISPs, ASPs and content providers. ...More
    February 1, 2001 Posted in News, Billing