TeleKnowledge and Openet Telecom plan to integrate their software—TeleKnowledge’s Total-e and Openet’s FusionWorks. The integration is designed to perform consolidation, mediation, filtering, rating and billing for a variety of services. ...More
    November 1, 2000 Posted in News, Billing
    Sprint PCS has chosen Amdocs to provide and support billing systems. Amdocs will supply systems implementation and ongoing support services for Sprint PCS’ wholesale business. In subsequent phases, Amdocs may also equip Sprint PCS with additional billing systems. ...More
    November 1, 2000 Posted in News, Billing
    Danish mobile telecom company Sonofon has chosen Belle Systems’ Internet Management System as the billing management system for all of Sonofon’s new mobile services, including WAP and GPRS. Sonofon is owned by Scandinavia’s largest telco, the Norwegian Telenor Group, and ...More
    November 1, 2000 Posted in News, Billing
  • The Time-to-Market Pressure Cooker: How Two Providers Control the Heat
    Often, start-up CLECs get caught in the pressures of rolling a service out to customers. This time-to-market stress can cause them to thrust services out before they can truly handle all the business and technical challenges. Billing World spoke with two CLECs to understand ...More
    November 1, 2000 Posted in Articles, Billing
    Yipes Communications Inc. will deploy the Narus IBI Platform and Billing Mediation System in its managed optical IP network. Yipes will utilize the systems to capture value for its scalable IP services for LAN-to-LAN, metropolitan area network, and Internet connectivity. ...More
    November 1, 2000 Posted in News, Billing
  • Narus, Convergys Plug Up IP Leaks
    It has taken years for wireline telephony carriers to set up their processes for end-to-end revenue assurance. Now the focus is shifting to the IP world, as usage-based billing becomes a reality and more IP services become available. However, providers are still faced with ...More
    November 1, 2000 Posted in Articles, Billing
    Telesens AG and Telegate AG are set to become stakeholders in Nexnet GmbH. Cologne-based Telesens will buy a consolidated majority interest in the Berlin-based company. Nexnet GmbH will work as a fixed-network clearinghouse. Nexnet will provide billing of call by-call ...More
    November 1, 2000 Posted in News, Billing
  • Regulatory Watch :ILECs Turn to Congress in Reciprocal Comp Battle
    If you're an owner of a CLEC or an ISP, you're probably not going to like this one: The U.S. House Commerce Committee is pushing a bill that would end your compensation for Internet calls that originate on a LEC's network. H.R. 4445 would dump those payments and revert the ...More
    November 1, 2000 Posted in Articles
    TechSpan, a global provider of e-business systems, has become the latest member of the Avolent Certified Solution Program. Certified to implement Avolent’s BillCast and BizCast software, TechSpan will provide complete, standards-based EBPP software systems worldwide. ...More
    November 1, 2000 Posted in News
  • CALLS Order Illegal, Group Says
    Consumer groups and U S West are asking a court to strike down a new access fee formula created by long-distance companies and LECs that terminate their calls. The Coalition for Affordable Local and Long Distance Service (CALLS)-which includes AT&T, BellSouth, GTE, SBC, ...More
    November 1, 2000 Posted in Articles