• Cablecom to Use IAF Platform
    Cablecom will use Amdocs' IAF Horizon billing platform to support the launch of its extended telephony services for cable modem customers. Cablecom, which expanded its product offerings to include telephony, will use the platform for its IP billing and customer care ...More
    December 1, 2000 Posted in News, Billing
  • Davinci and ASC Release WAP-Sentori
    Davinci Technologies, an enterprise-class Web and wireless products provider, combined its Trinity 3.0 platform with ASC Billing Solutions’ Sentori system to create WAP-Sentori, an integrated wireless billing product. The product is designed to let wireless service ...More
    December 1, 2000 Posted in News, Billing
  • Group 1 Upgrades Message1
    Group 1 Software recently released a new version of its Message1 software, with expanded functions for developing, managing and delivering capabilities for individualized marketing messages. Message1 is a subsystem of Doc1, an electronic document composition system designed ...More
    December 1, 2000 Posted in News
  • Premium Service: Potential fact, or forever fiction?
    New protocols that label routing queues and service classes are enabling quality of service (QoS) management at the network's core and edge. Before customers receive service guarantees, though, equipment providers must fine-tune their work to ensure that premium traffic can ...More
    December 1, 2000 Posted in Articles
  • Cell phones go on a cruise
    BT Aeronautical and Maritime (BT A&M) and Cerillion Technologies have developed a “floating” GSM cell designed to let cruise ship passengers use their cell phones and be billed for service while at sea. They linked an onboard base station via satellite to the BT Manx ...More
    December 1, 2000 Posted in News
  • Wireless Carriers Test 3G Technology
    Sprint PCS, Samsung, Qualcomm and 3Com completed a voice and data field trial using 3G CDMA technology in October. The trial tested the possibility of integrating voice and data into one cell at the same radio frequency. With 35 simultaneous voice calls, data rates reached ...More
    December 1, 2000 Posted in News
  • Info Directions Teams with Equinox
    Software developer Info Directions and telco software provider Equinox Information Systems have teamed up to provide end-to-end billing, mediation and provisioning software for integrated communications providers. They designed their products for multi-system processing, ...More
    December 1, 2000 Posted in News, Billing
  • VPNs: Virtually Here
    With the maturation of PKI and IPSec, virtual private networks may become a virtual realityVirtual private networking and extranet applications will make the Internet a viable alternative to leased circuits and frame relay server-to-server connections. Industry reports ...More
    December 1, 2000 Posted in Articles
  • NeuStar develops clearinghouse
    Third-party service provider NeuStar recently developed its national CARE (Customer Account Record Exchange) Clearinghouse for managing the exchange of customer information between carriers. The Clearinghouse is designed to automate exchanging account information, which the ...More
    December 1, 2000 Posted in News
  • Data interconnection settlement systems face GPRS technical roadblocks in Europe
    With the profit margin shrinking for voice interconnection, billing system engineers are seeking ways to manage data interconnection settlement models. Value-added data services-buying soft drinks with a cell phone or ordering theatre tickets over international data ...More
    December 1, 2000 Posted in Articles, Billing