• Alltel, Convergys Settle Billing Contract Dispute
    They said they wouldn’t settle out of court, but that’s exactly what Convergys and Alltel Communications did in September. After months of legal wrestling, Alltel agreed to pay Convergys $55 million for the right to bill its own customers, to get out of a contract it had ...More
    November 1, 1999 Posted in Articles, Billing
    A coalition of IXCs and ILECs with a plan to reform access charges would boost revenue from the subscriber line charge (SLC) assessed on primary residential lines by 75 percent over five years, from $4 billion to $7.1 billion. The Coalition for Affordable Local and Long ...More
    November 1, 1999 Posted in News
    Kingston-SCL (KSCL), a provider of telecom management systems, announced that German cable telecom operator TSS will outsource its billing requirements to KSCL’s Jupiter-based bureau billing system managed by debis Systemhaus, a strategic business partner of KSCL for more ...More
    November 1, 1999 Posted in News, Billing
  • Alltel Modernizes AMA Polling Platform
    Alltel Information Services went shopping for a mediation partner for its massive automated messaging accounting project, rather than build its own mediation system. Although a company official hinted in September 1998 that Alltel might build the mediation system itself, ...More
    November 1, 1999 Posted in Articles, Billing
    ObjectSwitch Corp., a provider of network-resident telecommunication, IT and Internet integration server software, has released the ObjectSwitch 3 Server product line available for HP 9000 V-Class, N-Class and K-Class PA-RISC enterprise servers running HP-UX 11.00. ...More
    November 1, 1999 Posted in News
    EDS has renewed a longstanding agreement to provide clearing and settlement services of roaming calls for AT&T Wireless Services. EDS has provided clearing services for AT&T since 1988. EDS’ intercarrier clearinghouse helps provide revenue management, data integrity and ...More
    November 1, 1999 Posted in News
  • Interconnect Isn’t What it Used to Be: Accounting Systems Need to Change in Competitive Europe
    Interconnect accounting in Europe, once needed to only handle agreements between a couple of nationally owned carriers, has grown more complex as more network operators enter the market, offering a growing sophistication of wireline, wireless, ATM, frame relay and other ...More
    November 1, 1999 Posted in Articles
  • PICC Billing Functionality Can Prevent Revenue Loss
    So, you’re in the initial stage of revising your billing system to handle Pre-subscribed Inter-exchange Carrier Charge (PICC) billing. Or perhaps you want to buy or build an entirely new billing system, complete with PICC billing functionality. No matter what your plans, to ...More
    November 1, 1999 Posted in Articles, Billing
  • An Update: The IPDR Initiative
    Since the IPDR (Internet Protocol Detail Record) initiative was conceived in June during a special interest meeting at Billing ’99, it has attracted over 250 representatives from the communications industry. The IPDR is now incorporated as a not-for-profit organization and ...More
    November 1, 1999 Posted in Articles, Billing
    Portland, Ore.-based Usha Communications Technology announced a contract with Investcom Global Ltd., a holding company with interests in the telecom industry, to supply Unicorn, its billing and customer care system and its Medusa mediation and provisioning platform by ...More
    November 1, 1999 Posted in News, Billing