B/OSS Insider Blog

2015: CSPs Capitalize on LTE

CSPs have to implement new strategies to intelligently monetize the increased data usage on their networks. 2015 will see the subscriber experience transform as CSPs roll out exciting new pricing plans and value-added services.

Avaya Blog

High Accountability for Customer Care

It’s time for change. It’s time to enhance the traditional, four-tier help-desk model and apply it to the types of customers who technical support cares for.

Dan Baker Blog

Payment Assurance: Subscription Disrupt

If the long range goal of operators is to partner with OTTs and make a lot of money distributing their content via the mobile phone, it’s important that operators fully understand the many issues OTTs deal with in the payments and direct marketing area.


What Customers See Through Your Portal

After conducting more than 25 interviews about Web portals with business customers of large telecom carriers, ATLANTIC-ACM found that end-users view customer-facing Web portals as windows into the internal workings of their carriers.

Tecnotree Blog

A (Business) Architecture for Future BSS

The more effort spent in decomposing the business into its atomic components, a better job can be done in pruning the processes and in designing an architecture that will fulfill the business need and be reliably deployed quickly.

Live Events

Why We Must Think Smaller Than Big Data

While it might be a relatively new name for some of you, the ability to significantly personalize big data is a long-term objective shared by all service providers.

Rebecca's Connected World

NFV: We’re at the Tipping Point

Driven by service providers themselves, it’s an idea whose time has come.

Network Management Zone

An Open Goal for Network Orchestration

We all know that network infrastructure is critical to the fan experience of this global tournament. But, let's admit it, our industry doesn't have the same mass appeal as football.