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Big ROI From Big Data for DSL Providers

By taking advantage of recent advances in data storage and compute power, DSL service providers have uncovered new ways to improve the customer experience by resolving broadband performance issues faster and more accurately.

Avaya Blog

Dos and Don'ts for Omni-Channel Support

Just as important these days is finding the best way to meet the needs of ever-demanding customers looking for answers in the fastest possible time with the least amount of effort.

Dan Baker Blog

Big Data & Service Assurance

To its credit, Tektronix Communications (Tek) is one of the first of the major service-assurance firms to state its intent to lead the network analytics revolution. Here to discuss the firm’s analytics strategy is Olav Tjelflaat, head of applications strategy.


Customer Service Second to None

Telecom may be a rapidly evolving, high-tech industry, but sometimes it’s old-fashioned customer service that makes all the difference.

Tecnotree Blog

BSS Transformation: Change Is a Constant

The focus on agility, creativity and low cost of ownership is becoming critical in an age where a competitive offering is just a mouse click away for a user and triple/quadruple play has become more of a norm than the exception.  Enter the BSS transformation program.

Live Events

Oral-B's Connected Toothbrush

Of all the connected devices showcased at Mobile World Congress, one of the most intriguing was apparently designed for those who can't handle the tooth.

Rebecca's Connected World

Every Consumer Is a King

Consumer expectations for mobile services are like a royal fiat: There’s zero tolerance for delay or failure.

Network Management Zone

MPLS Monitoring, Provisioning and QoS

Fast, secure and reliable techniques to share information across the networks are vital for people across the globe to work together, share information and even learn.