B/OSS Insider Blog

You Say You Want a Revolution?

The telecoms industry, in particular, is coming to the realization that a whole new business model is needed to survive in the digital marketplace, let alone compete.

Avaya Blog

Scoring the Top 7 Trends of 2014

While the predictions may have been made many months ago, it seems that all have taken on more urgency now.

Dan Baker Blog

Device Testing to Lure OEMs, Cut Churn

The CCA is working with Apkudo, a mobile device and app testing company, to deliver a unique Device Hub testing program that promises big churn reduction benefits for CCA members.


Decoding Down in Enterprise Satisfaction

To battle falling ratings, ATLANTIC-ACM expects telecom carriers to allocate more resources toward pleasing their growing number of smaller customers.

Tecnotree Blog

How to Engage Generation Z

To be a successful telecoms player, you need to know not only how, when, where and which services subscribers use their smartphones for, but also ways to collaborate with companies offering these services.

Live Events

No One Really Knows What 5G Is

There’s still a lot of work to be done to give people access to the Internet and mobile. Anne Bouverot, director general of the GSMA, stresses the importance of clearing, harmonizing and allocating spectrum.

Rebecca's Connected World

Every Consumer Is a King

Consumer expectations for mobile services are like a royal fiat: There’s zero tolerance for delay or failure.

Network Management Zone

An Open Goal for Network Orchestration

We all know that network infrastructure is critical to the fan experience of this global tournament. But, let's admit it, our industry doesn't have the same mass appeal as football.