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How to Avoid Choking on a Cow

Sooner or later every cellular operator faces the situation when its current OSS/BSS becomes less flexible and fast than its competitor`s. There are several ways to face that challenge; let’s consider one of them – billing solution replacement.

Avaya Blog

Midmarket: 8 Questions for IT Providers

Many midmarket managers are increasingly relying on enhanced support and outsourced solutions that enable adoption and support for new technologies without bearing the costs associated with technology, heavy staff training or staff resource redeployment.

Dan Baker Blog

The Paradigm Shift in Service Assurance

The gap between network planning and assurance has to be closed. Why? Because the cause of today’s customer-experience problem is yesterday’s lack of good data for capacity planning.


Customer Service Second to None

Telecom may be a rapidly evolving, high-tech industry, but sometimes it’s old-fashioned customer service that makes all the difference.

Tecnotree Blog

So What's Up With UX?

Until CSPs stop staring at the rearview mirror and instead put their great analytics capabilities to use for creating a genuinely better user experience, they will forever be fighting a losing battle with the likes of Facebook/WhatsApp, Line and others.

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Oral-B's Connected Toothbrush

Of all the connected devices showcased at Mobile World Congress, one of the most intriguing was apparently designed for those who can't handle the tooth.

Rebecca's Connected World

2014 Trends: Big Data, Virtualization

Many operators are searching for ways to realize the value of mergers and acquisitions to rationalize their business, consolidate their networks, integrate their offerings and better prepare for the competition.

Network Management Zone

MPLS Monitoring, Provisioning and QoS

Fast, secure and reliable techniques to share information across the networks are vital for people across the globe to work together, share information and even learn.