B/OSS Insider Blog

Is Virtualization Right for You?

NFV aligns with other virtual-design trends, like SDN, to assist with your network operations and innovations.

Avaya Blog

6 Developing Communications Trends

With a new year comes a new opportunity to begin again.

Dan Baker Blog

Moving to a Real-Time Analytics BSS

The whole idea is to improve customer experience by turning a poor experience into a delightful one. When that happens, then the customer’s on your side because you noticed straight away that they had a bad experience.


What Customers See Through Your Portal

After conducting more than 25 interviews about Web portals with business customers of large telecom carriers, ATLANTIC-ACM found that end-users view customer-facing Web portals as windows into the internal workings of their carriers.

Tecnotree Blog

Powerful CSP-OTT Collaboration

With no cannibalization of legacy services to worry about, the new, streamlined CSP is now free to engage with the relevant partners to round off the portfolio with services that best serve the targeted user base.

Live Events

Orchestrating the Future With NFV

This move to virtualization has seen the growth of “DevOps" – software developers now also taking care of the network.

Rebecca's Connected World

Every Consumer Is a King

Consumer expectations for mobile services are like a royal fiat: There’s zero tolerance for delay or failure.

Network Management Zone

An Open Goal for Network Orchestration

We all know that network infrastructure is critical to the fan experience of this global tournament. But, let's admit it, our industry doesn't have the same mass appeal as football.