6 Questions on Customer Centricity with TeliaSonera


**This post is part of a new series with B/OSS Publisher Danica Cullins around pertinent industry matters, called "6 Questions." Invited responses to six uniform questions will be published regularly on the B/OSS website. Respondents will represent the full industry circle (service providers, consultants, solutions providers, etc. First topic: customer-centricity. Please click here to see how Pegasystems' Tom Erskine answered the same questions.

Respondent’s Name: Hannu Savolainen
Respondent’s Title: Head of Billing
Respondent’s Company Name: Sonera, Part of TeliaSonera

Hannu Savolainen1. What role do you play at your company in driving the focus on customer experience, and how does your company practice customer-centricity internally?

I’m responsible for the Best Billing Experience for the customers. We have put heavy effort and focus for easiness and clarity of the customer invoices during the last four years and have had remarkable results. We have also implemented World Class e-billing service with presentment service, archive, targeted marketing messages, targeted group info messages and comprehensive self-services for billing. We even have YouTube videos attached to our e-invoices. Best Customer Experience is one of our focus areas on all development in TeliaSonera. We measure our customer experience development with three main Key Performance Indicators, firstly Net Promoter Score, secondly Unwanted Call Ratio and thirdly First Call Resolution.

2. As a consumer, can you point to specific customer experience examples that have impressed you and say how service providers could do likewise? (Provide company names, if possible, from your experience.)

I’m a classic-car enthusiast collecting classic Jaguar cars, thus continuously searching and ordering spare parts also from the U.K. When buying spare parts through eBay and other sources, I usually use parcel2go.com for shipping from the U.K. They are cheap and have pretty good Web pages. All their services are through self service on the Web. A few months ago I ordered the collection for the parcel through their Web pages and later realized I had put the wrong street address on the Web form. I decided I'd try their online chat because it was already late on the evening. So I did and surprisingly, their service agent responded immediately through the chat and I sorted out the correct address within a few seconds. It is a highly recommended best-practice for any service provider. On the spot chat, much better than email or calling to the customer service.

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