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Driving Cable Customer Loyalty From the Back Office

Preserving customer loyalty is extremely important to any company, but it is especially critical in today’s competitive TV market. Cable providers can deliver the type of service experience that drives customer loyalty with the right back-office solutions in place.
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Cable In the Cloud: Picking the Right BSS for the Business Market

The inherent cost savings of cloud services will add a vital new dimension to cable operators’ business portfolios.
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4G BSS Defuses the Mobile Data Traffic Explosion

With 4G taking the world by storm, a great future for the mobile industry is in the cards. Ordinarily this would have C-level leaders and market pundits dancing in the streets. So why is the mobile data explosion being depicted as a bomb with a lit fuse? ...
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U.S. Bill Shock Agreement: A Chance to Win Back the Hearts of Customers?

As self-care and other customer-interactive tools are brought to market in the U.S., maybe the most profitable wireless service provider will also be the most admired, and perhaps even loved. For these providers, that would be a welcome change indeed.
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Thank You, Steve Jobs, for Giving Technology a Personal Touch

Steve Jobs’ role as inventor, change agent and “re-inventor" had a transformational impact. He made advanced technology easy, accessible and perhaps most importantly, personalized. That’s no small achievement.
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Mobile Payments: Lessons From the Developing World

Can mature markets take lessons from developing countries, which, in some cases, are farther forward in technological mobile-payment advancements? ...
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Are We on the Verge of Mobile Transactions Replacing the Debit Card System?

It seems clear that mobile commerce is and has been poised to step into the debit-card market and, eventually, replace yesterday’s plastic technology with tomorrow’s digital. The question that remains is: when? ...
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