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A 30-Year-Old Looks to the Future

By Rebecca Prudhomme Comments

Rebecca PrudhommeNo, not me (but thank you for the compliment), my company – Amdocs.

Today, it’s hard to fathom a time without 3G/4G speeds, tablets, e-readers, and Internet-accessible smartphones – but it did exist!

Hold on a quick second while I update my Twitter. There, that’s better.

Throughout these 30 years of success and innovation, my company, which was founded in 1982, has remained an important presence in the industry and has worked with major service providers to bring innovations to life. Did you know that Amdocs developed the first automated system for directory publishers that addressed the customer by name, instead of by their phone number? We continued to grow by diversifying our product and service solutions over the course of three decades to meet the ever-changing needs of the communications industry, leading up to the acquisition of Bridgewater Systems in 2011, which enabled us to become the first company with a productized, fully integrated policy and charging offering.

With so much growth in wireless behind us, what can consumers and service providers look forward to in the next 10 years?

We all have the ability to connect while on the go, but my company envisions bringing connectivity back a little closer to home. More like inside the home, actually. We see an interactive “family wall" – made possible by continuing innovations from service providers, Amdocs and probably partners – that will act as an all-in-one day planner, weather reporter and personal assistant displayed across a large transparent screen. Think of it as a voice-activated, tablet-like device displayed on a wall in your house. It’s a bit "Minority Report" meets Supermom, and will revolutionize the way we manage our daily lives.

In our vision of 2022, the family wall identifies the people interacting with it by voice and enables a camera for visual communications.  Interactions take place via voice, video and hand motions. For example, Mom approaches the wall in the morning, triggering it to display her personally tailored activities, reminders and tips for the day. It will also have the ability to manage other aspects of the connected home, such as monitoring energy consumption, home security, entertainment systems and even health care.

We’re already starting to see the beginnings of this trend in the marketplace, with anything from thermostats to refrigerators connecting to the Internet — machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. This brings many opportunities and challenges to service providers, as the connected home is a natural domain for them to grow beyond communications into a multi-service provider. To keep them ahead of the curve, we’ve already started to develop advanced solutions to help service providers take advantage of the growth in connected devices — case in point, our recent announcement of the Amdocs M2M and Connected Home solutions.  Our Connected Home solution replaces the separate silos of present home automation technologies with a cloud-based approach that integrates seamlessly with a service provider’s existing billing, customer support and operational support systems.

As the market leader, it’s our responsibility to the industry to identify forward-thinking trends, and our attitude to the future is simple: Service providers need to embrace the upcoming challenges of a connected world to experience success.  In fact, those principles are so central to Amdocs’ future that we’ve made them our new “brand promise" that you’ll see on our website (and everywhere else): Embrace Challenge, Experience Success.

Rebecca Prudhomme is vice president of Product & Solutions Marketing at Amdocs. She currently leads Amdocs’ entire global team of product marketing professionals focused on bringing to market Amdocs’ products, services and solutions.


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