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Best In Show: Art at Mobile World Congress

Print Jessica ZimetHow do you get someone’s attention at a show that draws more than 67,000 visitors from 205 countries? Here are some of the coolest campaigns this year that used art to capture audience attention, imagination and interest at the show.

Samsung went all the way with a massive graffiti art project, setting up stands for users to project art they created on the Galaxy Note onto Barcelona landmark buildings.

Photo by @danielcouzens Amdocs sponsored a contest for art students to interpret “convergence" in a work of art, with a live exhibition at the show and an online gallery featuring 46 artists from 20 countries, where viewers can vote for their favorites to win.

Photo by @davidbaeza Apperian hired an artist to customize their booth with an edgy design that unfolded throughout the show, leading up to their big reveal of the Epicenter, the first social corporate directory app. 

Photo by @remcovroom Huawei built a sculpture of their Pegasus mascot, made entirely to of 3,000 smartphones to promote their new Android ICS smartphone, the Ascend D Quad.

This industry is all about innovation, and not only did these campaigns look great, but they generated buzz with show visitors and Barcelona residents alike. And most importantly, they got people talking. Generating buzz at a show this big requires some creative thinking. What were some of the more interesting or provocative campaigns that sparked your interest at the show?

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Jessica Zimet manages social media marketing at Amdocs, tweets from @AmdocsInc , and blogs on the Amdocs social media blog.


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