Proactive Revenue Management

Proactive Revenue Management

Proactive revenue assurance is not new; it's just good business. And by good business we mean good business practices. Large or small, getting a project done right the first time will save lots of time and money spent trying to recover from your mistakes.

Unmasking the Phantom
The Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative has approximately 30 exchanges across North Central Texas and Southern Oklahoma and it keeps a close eye on all of them. So don't try any of your fraudulent shenanigans here.

Best RA Strategy Is to Get It Right The First Time
For all the talk about finding lost revenue and assuring the accurate and timely billing of services—all necessary and instructive talk—there are better ways of controlling costs and assuring revenue. Follow the playbook.

Exploiting the Infinite Utility of the Bucket
Simplification is the key to everything from customer satisfaction with applications and the fulfillment process to the economics of routing and rating. All have an impact on revenue and cost management and all begin with mediation, the simpler the better.

Integrity Is More Than a Character Issue
A lack of integrity can be costly to a company especially when its the data that exhibits the flaw.

Slaying the SLA Beast
Service Assurance can become revenue assurance in a hurry when it protects your revenue from increasingly enforceable service level agreements.

Can Revenue Assurance Be Over Standardized
At least one company and one industry forum say 'no.' Standardizing certain metrics and benchmarks for revenue assurance can be beneficial.