Cloud Security: A Next-Generation Confidence Game

Cloud Security: A Next-Generation Confidence Game

ViewPoint: Overcoming Your Fear of Clouds
Security has been identified as the primary concern of both providers and users of cloud services. Is all that handwringing necessary?

Cloud Security Plays the Confidence Game
Few doubt the certainty of the cloud's future but its present invites questions, concerns and a surprising amount of confidence.

IBM Ties Intelligence to Identity
Calling it a security breakthrough, IBM took the covers off new advanced analytics software in January that analyzes employee data and recommends a finite set of roles to better secure an organization and manage compliance with identity and access management.

Cloud and Mobility Driving Identity Crisis
If you know who is supposed to have access to certain data within your enterprise and what they have permission to do with it, half of your security battle is over. But if you don't think you have to verify that every day, sometimes more, then your battle has just begun.

Behold the Second Coming of the Internet
Whether your cloud is for hosting back office applications or providing productivity applications as a service, BSS and OSS solutions are the key to differentiation.

Leading the Way on Governance
Identity and access management is another one of those areas where communications service providers are both users and providers — 100 percent on the former, unclear but growing on the latter.

The Future of IAM
Spoiled by Hollywood sci-fi, many of us geeks like to imagine that certain technologies are further along and less wonky than they really are. Take Identity and Access Management, or IAM, for example.