Mobile Data Crunch Meets Backhaul Inflation

Mobile Data Crunch Meets Backhaul Inflation

Viewpoints:Taking the Pulse of Service Assurance

What's Up With Backhaul: A B/OSS reader survey on mobile backhaul plans and strategies provides insights into the state of transformation and future direction of an increasingly complex backhaul infrastructure.

Ushering in Russian Democracy: SevOne seizes the opportunity presented by a Russian election to show its capacity to scale and ensure critical data.

Follow the Fun: There is more than one World Congress and at the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress in Paris this year, service assurance and interoperability were center stage.

The Mobile Data Explosion Continues: As long as they keep dreaming up apps like Draw Something to addict users and grow the volumes of data on the network, service assurance vendors will have to respond.