Openet Launches Policy and Balance Managers at Management World

By Tim McElligott Comments

Further defining the transactional intelligence space, Openet introduced two new products for its FusionWorks platform at the TM Forum’s Management World Conference. The products are designed to make service providers more dynamic.

The new FusionWorks Policy Manager and Balance Manager work together to assist service providers in harnessing transactional capabilities. They help service providers to deploy features such as Parental Controls, Spending Limits and Flexible Accounts that Michael Manzo, chief marketing officer at Openet, said will help drive new revenue.

The two new products are built to meet the scalability, availability and performance benchmarks required for real-time user control. Policy Manager enables service providers to deliver personalized services based on subscriber preferences. This is accomplished by deploying service- and subscriber-aware policy rules, and dynamically applying those rules to respond to changing network and subscriber status. It leverages user profiles and real-time policies to prioritize access, performance, charging, roaming or service-dependent requirements that make it possible for subscribers to create and be accurately charged for a highly-personalized service package.

Balance Manager, on the other hand, enables service providers to deploy hybrid pre- and post-paid accounts, manage account balances in real-time, organize subscriber hierarchies, and enforce spending limits. Subscribers can allocate, share and administer balances at an account and service level.

New applications enabled by these products include: Parental Controls, which address usage concerns by enabling parents to set sensible boundaries for usage; Spending Limits lets them control their monthly spending through real-time management of service balances, with limits viewed and configured through a self-care portal; Credit Controls allows service providers to set limits on service usage based on each subscriber’s credit rating or payment history; Flexible Accounts allows users to define their usage profile to enable business, family or hybrid programs to automate service enablement based on pre-set definitions; and Tiered Pricing Models that let subscribers select the best data package for their needs.

Paul Hughes, vice president of communications software research at Yankee Group, said Openet’s portfolio of tier-one customers positions them as providers of dynamic controls for real-time services such as bandwidth throttling. He also said that the Balance Manager and Policy Manager products are important additions to realizing the company’s real-time vision.

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