Iran Using DPI to Monitor Web Traffic


As information flows in and out of Iran in the wake of that country’s historic and controversial presidential election, it’s interesting to note that the Middle Eastern country has very sophisticated technology for controlling the Internet within its borders. In fact, support from European telcos is a big reason why.

Experts say Iran’s government can do much more than just block Web sites and cutting Internet connections. They believe Iran is capable of deep-packet inspection, a method of monitoring the Web that’s come under close scrutiny in the U.S. for fear that companies are delving too far into personal privacy. Of course, many would argue there is more potential for danger if the Iranian government has you in its sights.

That DPI capability is thanks, in part, to a joint venture between Siemens AG and Nokia. A monitoring center was established for Iran’s telecom monopoly just last year, as part of a larger contract.

Analysts interviewed by the Wall Street Journal said Iran had experimented with it prior to the recent civil unrest, but didn’t start to understand the full scope of the applications until the last couple of weeks.


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