NetCom Picks Polystar for Network Monitoring


Norwegian telco NetCom has deployed Polystar OSIX’s Network Performance Monitoring solution for Gb on SDH/STM-1.

NetCom is already using Polystar Real-time Network Monitoring and Network Service Assurance solutions to monitor and troubleshoot its 2G/3G networks and will now benefit from the recent implementation of the GEMINI technology platform. This solution enables the efficient monitoring of Gb over SDH, by providing a unique technique of handling it without usage of external multiplexors.

This Polystar product enables operators to apply a new way of using the old technology. The Gb over SDH monitoring solution can be deployed in parallel to a GboIP and GboE1 in the same Service Assurance solution. Support of several generations of BSC networking equipment on one hand, and the efficient system architecture on the other hand, lead to a considerable reduction of administrative costs, according to Polystar.

With the Gb over SDH probe and the Service Assurance Solution, Polystar says Netcom will be in the position to maximize the availability and performance of its GPRS services, the result being a measurable increase of subscriber satisfaction. The implemented MediaProbe platform will enable Netcom to monitor both User and Control plane. The User plane packets are aggregated in a way that allows the operator to display the volume of transmitted user data rapidly and validate the information in real-time.

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