LogiSense, BillSoft Power Telesphere Hosted VoIP Billing, Taxing

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LogiSense Corp. announced today that its technology integration with BillSoft’s EZTax product has been selected and successfully deployed by Telesphere Networks, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based provider of Hosted VOIP Services.

Integration of EngageIP Billing and OSS with EZTax offers a ready-made Billing and Taxing system that enables Telesphere to accurately and efficiently rate, tax and manage their core Hosted VoIP service, according to the companies.

Telesphere is a nationwide business phone and Internet services provider that delivers IP telephone services and Internet access to businesses throughout the U.S.

The combined EngageIP and EZTax platform is being used to service catalogue, rate, bill and tax Teleshphere’s VoIP and Broadband Internet services. In addition to utilizing BillSoft’s EZTax product for tax calculation, Telesphere also enjoys the EZTax RLM supplemental tool. EZTax RLM provides Telesphere with the capability to modify the standard rates and logic within EZTax to have customized tax capabilities and fit their business model

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