Meteor Picks Openet To Meet Data Demands, EU Regs

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Meteor Mobile Communications has selected Openet’s FusionWorks Convergent Charging and Network Edge Rating products to upgrade and strengthen its data, charging and rating infrastructure. As part of this deployment, Openet is also enabling Meteor to meet EU roaming regulations.

With the introduction of data roaming regulations by the European Union in July 2009, Meteor, Ireland’s third largest wireless provider, owned by the eircom Group, reviewed its existing charging and rating infrastructure. The new roaming regulations, which limit the price for calls, texting and data services for subscribers roaming in EU member states, gave Meteor the incentive to upgrade its network. During this review, Meteor chose to augment its existing charging infrastructure with Openet's Convergent Charging & Network Edge Rating products to address both current and future needs. With this new infrastructure in place, Meteor is able to address the immediate need of the roaming regulations and also have the necessary tools in place to meet the growing data demands of its 1.4 million subscribers.

“In the wireless world, pricing is the key to profitability, and we needed to provide flexible pricing and promotion models to meet consumer demand for data access,” said Helene Graham, head of service design for Meteor. “Openet understood our need to create a charging and rating infrastructure that would meet our needs today and in the future. In choosing Openet’s scalable network infrastructure platform, we’re confident that we’ll be able to meet subscriber demands now while continuing to provide the best possible wireless experience for our customers. It’s a win-win for all.”

Built on Openet’s award winning FusionWorks Framework, Network Edge Rating enables Meteor to calculate the correct rate for the event or session and deliver it to billing systems or a charging solution.

Working alongside Network Edge Rating, Convergent Charging allows Meteor to manage the real-time use of data for roaming subscribers and enforce data volumes and network caps according to a subscriber’s plan. Meteor is also able to notify subscribers when pre-defined limits have been met and offer options to extend usage beyond the cap. This transparency is key in eliminating the instances of “bill shock” that the EU roaming regulations seek to end, according to Openet.

“Meteor’s selection of Openet to implement a real-time charging and rating infrastructure indicates its determination to select the very best products for its network and customer needs,” said Mike Manzo, CMO at Openet. “Openet’s pedigree in network data management, as well as charging and rating functionality, has been clearly displayed, and our ability to implement this project quickly and seamlessly has helped Meteor prime its network to immediately meet the EU roaming regulations.”

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