Cedar Point Goes on Safari With New Communications Suite


Cedar Point Communications, the New Hampshire-based company that specializes in VoIP switching technologies for service providers, has released a new product lets operators empower their subscribers.

The SafariFusion Visual Communications Suite (VCS) allows end users to control telecom features through their televisions, PCs, iPads, mobile devices and other endpoints. Cable MSOs and telecom carriers can install VCS so customers may manage functions such as Caller ID, visual voice mail, message waiting, click-to-call, network address book and more.

“The success of Caller ID on TV has shown that there is tremendous interest in services that make it more convenient for subscribers who are interacting with the TV, the PC, tablets or other devices,” Jeff Walker, vice president of marketing for Cedar Point, said in a press release. “Operators can build value by using SafariFusion … to enable inbound call monitoring, message retrieval and the ability to respond to calls on the subscriber’s own terms.”

Cedar Point unveiled the first part of SafariFusion last fall. The VCS builds on that system so operators including CLECs, wireless providers and universities “gain maximum value from the platform,” said Walker.

So far, SafariFusion Visual Communications Suite works with EBIF, tru2way, IPTV and other standards, according to Cedar Point.

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