Clarus Enhances Automated Testing


Clarus Systems has enhanced the Automated Testing capabilities of its flagship product, ClarusIPC Plus+ (2.6.4).
“Throughout our customer base and within the enterprise, we’re seeing industry trends such as larger IP Telephony deployments – which we define as tens or even hundreds of thousands of phones; Centralized call processing servers (aka Call Managers) supporting larger number of branch offices; all combined with more upgrades and migrations to get to the newest software releases,” said Gurmeet S. Lamba, SVP, Product Development, Clarus Systems. “All of these are driving the need for even more stringent testing within smaller timeframes.”

The metamorphosis of ClarusIPC Plus+ has been authenticated by the rapid adoption and deployment by Fortune 100 Enterprise customers in commerce-influencing verticals including financial, health care, energy, government and education.  After focusing on expanding management capabilities to include Performance Monitoring, Configuration Management and Business Intelligence, this release emphasizes improvements to Clarus’ Automated Testing engine.

ClarusIPC Plus+ leverages new algorithms to boost performance of its test engine. These improvements allow customers to do more testing faster during new deployments, upgrades, or continuous regression testing. Clarus’ improvements allow the most requested and relevant tests such as Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Call Permissions, Forward to Voice Mail, Conferencing and more to completely validate whether a branch office or headquarters location is ready for business, ensuring availability of communication services to the end user.

“Our corporate and technology vision is moving forward,” said Brendan Reidy, CEO, Clarus Systems. “The Clarus Systems value proposition is rooted in ensuring the highest quality of voice services for end users.  We are announcing this upgrade to coincide with Cisco Live because ClarusIPC Plus+ tests and monitors the largest Cisco VoIP deployments in the world.  In keeping with the theme of integration, we continue to combine our key voice management features in one integrated package. Our feedback from enterprise IT teams consistently resonates how they value an all-in-one package versus the costs and inefficiency of using one tool for monitoring, another for reporting and a third for testing.”

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