Avistar Patents Bandwidth Management Solution

By Tim McElligott Comments

Unified communications provides great advantages in productivity and communications and generally elicits a unified response when it comes to bandwidth requirements: they can be complex.

Avistar Communications Corp. aimed to simplify that problem and for its efforts was awarded a patent this week, in practical, real-time bandwidth management for VoIP, video and messaging networks.

The U.S. patent (US 7,738,492) addresses a unified bandwidth manager that hierarchically manages a group of service-specific bandwidth reservation and session management systems, such as VoIP or two-way video, that are commonly found in unified communications deployments. The company believes this is a vast improvement over reservation/management systems that merely control blocks of bandwidth, which result in traffic overload and underutilized bandwidth.

Anton F. Rodde, president of the Intellectual Property Division at Avistar, said the company’s new emphasis on safeguarding its investment and intellectual property is not only a shift in strategy, it is a critical aspect of our overall product strategy. The newly granted patent covers the use of an automatic adaptive control system that provides traffic feedback and controls on an ongoing basis.

As the number and complexity of video-enabled applications grow, real-time bandwidth management is reaching a critical crescendo, said Stephen Epstein, CMO at Avistar. The patent reinforces the value of products such as Avistar’s recently introduced Business Pro Edition and its bandwidth management features.

Avistar has been providing business-class desktop videoconferencing technology for more than 15 years. Its technology also helps to power solutions from IBM, LifeSize, Logitech and other unified communications vendors. 

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