thePlatform Addresses Video Monetization


Operators and cablecos looking to compete in the IPTV and video game are facing increasing complexity when it comes to the number of devices to support, network management and content management, not to mention varying business models that are a mix of subscriptions, ads and value-added services. Video platform provider thePlatform has added new beta functionality to its services suite to address some of this complexity and allow operators to give the customer a better overall experience.  

If a provider is trying to publish your video assets across multiple devices with varying rights restrictions and ad models, it needs a way to stay on top of it all. That's the idea behind thePlatform's new mpx services. The goal is to better enforce business policies, monetization models and content restrictions.

New functionality includes:

•           With the new Feeds Service, it’s possible to "pin" popular content to the top of the playlist to promote more videos based on what's new or in a selected category.

•           Restrict content viewing by country, region, metro code, city, area code, and postal code, and set blackout areas for specific audiences within those regions. Providers can also restrict by expiration date, referring domain, IP address and keys.

•           Apply restrictions and ad policies across an account, within feeds or on individual videos.

•           Create and manage multiple ad policies within the mpx Beta console.

•           Increase ad inventory with policies that call primary and secondary ad providers.

•           Configure specific ad policies for bumpers, pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls.

•           Set the number of ads to appear per video, ad frequency, and whether or not users can skip ads.

In a world of constantly evolving video scenarios, it is becoming increasingly important to take advantage of new devices and new markets and at the same time secure content from unauthorized access or use. To keep video management and playback in line with  business goals, providers need to put some gates up between media and the audience. Some gates they may want to leave open part of the time, and others may require a toll. The important thing is that the system for managing content access offers flexible security options that help create the right business model.

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