Toktumi Line2 VoIP App Generates 1 Million Texts in 4 Days


If you needed any proof that Americans are addicted to texting, check this out — Toktumi says in just four days since its official release of Line2 Version 3.0, more than 1 million SMS text messages have been sent.

Last week, Line2 Version 3.0 became the first VoIP app to feature carrier-grade SMS texting, allowing customers to exchange unlimited text messages with any SMS-enabled phone on any carrier.  The result, the company says, is a texting experience that is identical to traditional SMS offered by the major cellular carriers, but at a lower price. Line2 costs $9.95 per month for unlimited calling and texting in the U.S. and Canada.

Unlike texting-only applications for the iPhone, Toktumi says Line2 combines VoIP calling capabilities and carrier-grade texting in one app, so that customers can use one number for both types of communication.

“We knew that the addition of SMS would be popular with consumers, but we didn’t expect them to adopt it as quickly as they did. It really shows that Line2 users are enjoying the functionality of our SMS and understand that they can save money by using it!" said Peter Sisson, founder and CEO of Toktumi.

Line2 turns iPads and iPod Touches into a Wi-Fi mobile phone with all the features of a traditional cell phone. People with regular access to Wi-Fi networks now have a viable alternative to a cell phone for a fraction of the cost, said the company. Customers won’t miss calls because they can be forwarded to another phone or sent to voice mail if the device isn’t connected to Wi-Fi.

“For the first time, Apple’s new iPods offer built-in microphones," says Sisson. “Using Line2 on a new iPod touch is just like using an iPhone. No other app brings phone-number based voice calling, carrier-grade texting, and advanced features like call waiting and conferencing to iPods and iPads."

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