EXFO Lands $2M Deal for Triple-Play Tester


EXFO Inc. says a Tier-1 North American network operator has placed a follow-on order in excess of US$2 million for its AXS-200/635 Triple-Play Tester.

The operator, which had shipments exceeding US$1.5 million for the Triple-Play Tester in fiscal 2010, selected EXFO’s solution to support the deployment of next-generation VDSL2 and IPTV services over its hybrid network, along with supporting its traditional voice and ADSL2+ Internet service offerings.

EXFO calls the AXS-200/635 a complete, multi-layer test solution designed for deploying, troubleshooting and repairing voice, ADSL2+, VDSL2, copper and triple-play services like IPTV. Its ease of use, flexible architecture and comprehensive feature set enable customers to lower operating expenditures through the reduction of truck rolls and help them save on capital expenditures.

EXFO says the AXS-200/635 will help the operator perform rapid, multi-layer analysis of subscriber circuits during provisioning of VDSL2/IPTV services by performing quick and automated analysis of the copper pair, in addition to checking quality of service (QoS). The AXS-200/635’s multilayer testing approach is designed to ensure that service turn-up is done right the first time, which significantly reduces the potential for future truck rolls.

Of particular interest to this Tier-1 operator is the AXS-200/635’s LoopMapper feature. This automated measurement uses a combination of time domain reflectometry (TDR) and frequency domain reflectometry (FDR) to display a graphical depiction (through a simple wiring diagram) of the location and length of bridged-taps and the end of the cable. The presence of bridged-taps causes major performance degradation in a VDSL2 environment and will translate into poor IPTV quality. The LoopMapper feature renders it easy for less-skilled installation technicians to quickly identify and locate bridged-taps that will affect quality of service, according to EXFO.

"The AXS-200/635 has proven itself once again to be the test solution of choice for network operators around the world deploying VDSL2 and IPTV," said Etienne Gagnon, EXFO’s VP, Wireline Division and Corporate Marketing. “This significant follow-on order demonstrates EXFO’s commitment towards fiber-to-the-node deployments, enabling operators to significantly improve their operating efficiency through proactive service verification and qualification of copper and hybrid-technology architectures."

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