Vodafone Albania Embraces 3G Optimization

By Tara Seals Comments

Albania’s population is thirsty for mobile broadband, and carrier Vodafone Albania will soon provide high-quality and high-speed broadband 3G services across the country. Part of effectively handling the expected subsequent traffic spike in data use will hinge on management.

“Albania enjoys one of the highest mobile subscriber growth rates in Eastern Europe. This growth will be spurred further by the launch of 3G services," said Haris Broumidis, CEO at Vodafone Albania, in a statement. “To maintain our leadership, we are pioneering the country’s first 3G services."

Being a first mover in a market also means bearing the brunt of smartphone-related data uptake. The carrier hopes to head that off at the pass: Albania’s leading mobile operator has chosen Nokia Siemens Networks to build its 3G network. Under the four-year deal, NSN will also provide Vodafone Albania’s 3G network with consulting and civil works support, network planning and optimization using its NetAct management platform, and on-site training and maintenance services.

“Vodafone Albania provides leading smartphones, software and services for easy access to a host of business and lifestyle applications such as streaming video and online communities," said George Angelis, head of the Vodafone customer team at NSN, in a statement. “The 3G network will allow the operator to offer broadband services, which adequately match its portfolio in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner. We will combine our strong product portfolio, service expertise and understanding of the operator’s needs to provide the best 3G experience."

Under the four-year contract, Nokia Siemens Networks will build Vodafone Albania’s 3G radio access network, deploying its Flexi Multiradio Base Station. The base station is just 20 percent the size and weight of traditional network equipment, and consumes over 70 percent less energy than previous models, without impacting performance. In addition, NSN will replace the existing GSM radio network provided by Vodafone Albania’s previous radio network vendor.

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