SysMech Debuts Performance Management Solution


U.K.-based Systems Mechanics Ltd (SysMech) is launching ZenPM, what the company calls a next-generation performance management solution for wireless and fixed-line communications service providers.

SysMech says the new tool solves the problem faced by providers in achieving effective real-time performance management of their networks and services. Developed to meet real-life requirements and in consultation with SysMech’s customers, ZenPM is being piloted by one of the U.K.’s major mobile telecommunications providers to provide real-time performance management of its 2G, 3G and LTE wireless and core networks. Initial results are said to be positive.

With providers investing substantially in converged next-generation networks and high speed mobile networks, existing technologies struggle to monitor service quality and performance across the different network technologies and domains. ZenPM uses patented Zen Proximity Correlation technology to take a completely different approach to performance management, delivering carrier class network and service performance monitoring in real-time, the company said.

“ZenPM empowers Communications Service Providers to take control of the quality of their network and services, no matter how fast these are evolving. Not only can they be notified of business-critical KPI and KQI breaches in real-time, but they can visualize and report on performance data in ways that have not been available in the past." said Rob Green, managing director of SysMech. “It delivers a massive performance capability that has simply been unavailable to Communications Service Providers before. Our ZenPM solution meets all the next-generation requirements that our customers are urgently seeking to address, in the face of explosive data traffic and service complexity."

ZenPM operates across multiple vendors, technologies and domains and combines Zen Proximity Correlation technology with state-of-the-art database analytics and visualization. It brings rapid fire business intelligence from performance data in seconds, providing a powerful link between the real time operation of networks and services and the end customer experience.

ZenPM is able to provide real-time performance management thanks to its revolutionary approach and cutting edge technology that has been designed from the ground up to provide outstanding performance and scalability. The embedded technology is proven in production at Tier 1 Telecoms customers across the world.

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