AT&T Debuts Content Delivery Network for Business Customers


AT&T is rolling out a new, cloud-based Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform designed to help businesses quickly engage their audiences with speedy, high-quality experiences on their websites.

AT&T’s CDN will deliver what the carrier calls “lightning-like fast delivery" of digital content, such as videos and graphics. The platform is now being offered to customers on a limited basis, but should be generally available by the end of September.

“More and more businesses are relying on video, pictures and animation to get consumers excited about their products and services," said Sam Farraj, assistant VP of AT&T Digital Media Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. “Our CDN technology not only delivers videos and other attention grabbers at ‘lightning like’ speed, but it delivers them efficiently and at low cost."

Citing examples of how the new CDN can be used, AT&T says universities can provide virtual campus tours, hospitals can deliver x-ray images, media companies can distribute movies on demand, and software and technology companies can virtually demonstrate capabilities.

AT&T says it has built advanced media delivery capabilities into its network-based cloud, which delivers reliability and several layers of security protection for content and customer transactions. Together, AT&T Content Delivery Network and AT&T Content Acceleration provide a full range of services to help business delivery digital media — from rich content like electronic software distribution and live and on-demand video, to personalized content such as shopping cart data and GPS requests, the carrier said.

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