Network Intelligence Alliance Grows


The Network Intelligence Alliance, an organization dedicated to bringing together technology providers to collaborate on network-intelligence solutions, has a new member.

Paris-based 6WIND, a packet-processing software provider, is joining the group. The company expects its involvement in the NI Alliance will help it build and market innovative solutions for customers that want to improve performance of packet inspection, analysis and processing within their mobile infrastructure and cloud networking equipment.

Network Intelligence is an emerging category of technology aimed at revealing the critical details of the data locked inside network traffic and transactions.

The NI Alliance is a forum for collaboration among technology providers whose solutions secure data in transit, ensure efficient data delivery, monetize data transactions or track real-time information. It also seeks to educate the market and the public on the role and value of Network Intelligence in protecting sensitive information; delivering value-added services, applications and information; and ensuring better performance of network-dependent solutions.

“We’re delighted to join the NI Alliance," said Eric Carmès, CEO of 6WIND. “Our customers rely on the availability of an ecosystem of interoperable hardware and software solutions, optimized for high-performance networking products. By cooperating with other Alliance members on the development and promotion of Network Intelligence solutions, we ensure that our customers can seamlessly leverage best-in-class technology from industry leaders, in order to implement sophisticated equipment with advanced services."

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