Orange Business Hikes Latin American Network Capacity


Due to growing demand enterprise customers around the world, Orange Business Services is set to increase the capacity of its Latin American network by a whopping 10 times.

Orange says implementation will begin in October, covering Brazil and Chile, followed by Argentina, Peru and Panama. The upgraded network is expected to accommodate customers’ needs for expanding high-speed broadband services, including MPLS, International Ethernet Link and video services.

The new network ring will connect Latin America to the East Coast of the United States via Brazil and to the West Coast via Chile (through Peru and Panama). The upgrade is expected to enhance quality of service for customers with improved latency to the West Coast, while also supporting the growing capacity requirements from Asia-Pacific.

“We continue to see increased global expansion not only by our multinational customers looking to grow in Latin America,“ said Mauro Cruzeiro, vice president of Latin America for Orange Business Services. "We also see more and more Latin American enterprises expanding within the region and beyond."

As part of the company’s growth strategy, Orange Business Services aims to generate revenues of €1 billion in emerging markets in 2015 – and Latin America is poised to be a big part of that.

Orange Business Services has 122 points of presence across 31 countries in Latin America. The company serves more than 400 customers in the region from various sectors, such as energy, government, healthcare, retail, telecommunications and transportation.

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