Actix LTE Solution Deployed by Tier-1 Operator


A Tier-1 mobile operator in the U.S. is deploying Actix’s LTE Network Acceptance solution, which will help the carrier analyze the quality of the network being installed by its equipment provider.

The Actix solution will provide sophisticated, KPI-based analysis enabling management to assess network performance and to also detect and diagnose problems. Actix says senior management will find it much easier to determine whether the pre-launch network is truly ready for live subscribers.  RAN engineers will be able to resolve any performance issues more quickly and be able to give greater attention to optimizing the network.

The solution will provide a single, shared view of the nationwide network rollout, supporting more than 500 managers and engineers across a substantial ecosystem embracing the operator, two network equipment providers and multiple managed service providers. The solution is scalable and capable of supporting the massive data volumes generated during a nationwide rollout.

Actix says by using its solution, operators can shorten their network acceptance process by up to 80 percent, increase engineering efficiency and drive higher network quality. This capability puts operators in an excellent position to meet the timeframes they have committed to publically for the launch of their new 4G/LTE network. It also enables them to meet the quality levels that are critical to smartphone and laptop users in today’s market.

By using the same KPI reporting system and having a shared view of the network, operators and network equipment providers have an equal understanding of the network rollout status. This minimizes disputes between parties regarding progress payments that can total hundreds of millions of dollars, the company said.

“The Actix Network Acceptance solution helps operators manage the substantial risks involved in network rollout. Whether the operator is swapping out their old 2G/3G infrastructure, or rolling out a new LTE network, the costs are significant, measured in money, people resources, time and brand reputation. As the Actix solution is designed for use by all parties in the ecosystem, we play a unique role in helping each of them to minimise risk and achieve their specific objectives" said Bill McHale, Actix CEO.

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