GLDS Plans Live Demo of Workforce Management Platform


Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS), which just debuted its new workforce management platform in June, will give customers a chance to see it in action during a live demonstration next week.

GLDS’ WinForce tech is fully integrated with the company’s WinCable billing and subscriber management system. It gives field technicians instant, real-time access to assigned work, as well as customer and account details. WinForce tech eliminates calls into dispatch by putting WinCable tools on a handheld device technicians can use to independently solve problems and provide the best, quickest customer service possible, the company said.

GLDS plans to demonstrated the platform at the 10th Annual FTTH Conference and Expo in Orlando, Sept. 26-30.

"The two-way communication provided by WinForce tech gives technicians a broad spectrum of subscriber and equipment data, and allows them to make certain account changes directly from their handheld device," said GLDS President Garrick Russell.  "FTTH attendees will be able to see WinForce tech in action running on a tablet and experience how GLDS' WinForce product family empowers technicians to be more productive by solving problems faster and increasing operational efficiencies in the field."

GLDS says WinForce tech puts tech-related functions in a smartphone, tablet, netbook or laptop, and gives operators everything they need to start solving customers' problems immediately. The product simply requires an Internet connection and is not dependent on any one platform. It delivers details on all work to be performed, all subscriber relationships and house-related data and allows technicians to manage many subscriber functions that have previously required a customer to call “the office."

With WinForce tech, technicians can receive, manage and finalize work; manage equipment assignments from truck to account and back again; refresh equipment individually or collectively at the account level; update subscriber, house and equipment notes; collect payments or manage auto-payments; and change bill-to address and update contact information.

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