Nokia Siemens Software Improves Internet, Mobile Data in Africa

By Craig Galbraith Comments

Bharti Airtel has chosen Nokia Siemens Networks’ Serve atOnce Device Management (SADM) software, which will be implemented across affiliates in 16 African countries.

NSN says the operator’s customers will soon benefit from seamless Internet connectivity and simpler, more intuitive mobile data services coming their way. Nokia Siemens will also consolidate the operator’s existing multimedia messaging service (MMS) platforms into one centrally managed virtual platform.

“Nokia Siemens Networks’ robust mobile device management solution will allow our customers in Africa to enjoy the latest services by enabling seamless Internet connectivity and excellent customer care support," said Manoj Kohli, CEO (International) and joint managing director, Bharti Airtel. “The solution will benefit Airtel from reduced operational costs when introducing new devices or services."

Nokia Siemens Networks says its SADM will allow Bharti Airtel to remotely and automatically manage and configure user devices for new data services. The operator will gain valuable insights on device capabilities to make right business decisions when introducing new services, the company said.

Under a three-year deal, NSN will also provide its mobile internet browsing solution (MIBS) and multimedia messaging solution, hosted on a virtualized and centrally managed VaaS platform. That’s designed to allow Bharti Airtel to provide these services faster and cost efficiently to all of its customers across all affiliates in Africa.

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