Volubill Intros Policy Management, Charging Solutions


Volubill today launched Volubill Business System (VBS) and Volubill Network System (VNS), two integrated policy management, enforcement and real-time charging systems for communications service providers (CSPs). The solutions are designed to give decision-makers greater control in the creation and management of new mobile data-pricing strategies within increasingly complex networks.

VBS is the policy and charging system. Volubill says it provides a range of functions for business and marketing teams so that CSPs can become more profitable. It enables them to capture larger market shares with segmented plans, while controlling underlying network resources, service access and resource selection to minimize capacity costs, ease congestion and deliver against subscriber service level agreements (SLA), the company said.

VNS is a network element specifically designed for mobile and broadband service providers to optimize network resources and maximize profitability with active traffic management, charging and policy enforcement capabilities on a per-subscriber basis. It is 3GPP PCEF-compliant, Volubill said, and interoperates with policy management and charging systems to enable operators to segment and enforce broadband services by parameters such as usage limits, application and quality of service (QoS).  

Mobile data traffic is already skyrocketing, and is expected to continue doing so. The cost-per-megabyte to deliver that data keeps going up also. Volubill says the solution to handle these spikes lies in using more sophisticated traffic management and pricing concepts, such as prioritizing application types, rewarding customer loyalty with higher quality access, or effectively applying centralized policy and charging rules across multiple networks.

“When operators first tried to solve the capacity crunch a few years ago, they didn’t know how to leverage policy and charging technologies to find a true solution," said John Aalbers, Volubill CEO. “Today, operators have evolved their strategy and policy and charging have become central to their long-term success, but alternative data pricing concepts escalate operational complexity and require much tighter integration of policy and charging."

VBS and VNS can be applied independently to fill specific gaps in CSPs’ existing architectures, or together to provide a complete network-to-business integrated policy and real-time charging system.

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