Accedian Networks Debuts V-NID Product Suite


Service-assurance solutions provider Accedian Networks is introducing the V-NID suite of application-oriented performance assurance tools, extending the company's Ethernet OAM-based performance assurance.

Accedian says its performance assurance features the industry’s most accurate, one-way delay measurement technology and per-second performance monitoring with a system designed to assure end-user experience of specific applications by mimicking them across the network. The V-NID application-level performance assurance solution expands Accedian’s product offering by providing service providers more application-focused insight than can be provided by traditional OAM solutions, while still leveraging Accedian’s High Performance Service Assurance technology, the company said.

At the heart of the solution is the V-NID Actuator which sends emulated traffic to V-NID agents located in Accedian’s MetroNID, MetroNODE 10GE, or other network element. Using a patented, high-accuracy one-way delay measurement technique, Accedian says the V-NID Actuator can also assure the performance of specific applications without requiring synchronized hardware test points at each end of the connection.  The V-NID Actuator gathers Ethernet OAM, as well as application-specific performance data which is then summarized and displayed by VisionAnalyzer in a visual performance monitoring dashboard. A centralized approach enables the V-NID Actuator located in the core of the network to remotely assure end-to-end performance by communicating with the V-NID agents residing at the edge. 

“While today Accedian NIDs complement the OAM capability of many of the industry’s leading network elements and provide the industry’s most accurate performance assurance tools, our new V-NID solution provides application-specific performance assurance capabilities required to quantify the end-user’s experience," said Patrick Ostiguy, president and CEO of Accedian.  “This represents the next-step in High Performance Service Assurance; enabling service providers to take control of per-application performance across the cloud."

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