Austria Telco Turns to HP for LTE Solution


Hutchison 3G (H3G) Austria has deployed the HP Home Subscriber Server (HSS) as the core of a new LTE network that is expected to bring much faster speeds and a better mobile Internet experience to 1.2 million customers.

The HP HSS is the primary repository of information on all customers, including their personal profiles and the mobile services they use. As the master database of all of H3G Austria’s LTE users, it's designed to help the CSP manage network usage by controlling access, authentication and authorization for every user on the network.

The HP HSS extends the existing HP subscriber data management architecture at H3G Austria, which includes the HP Home Location Register (HLR) and HP Profile Manager/User Data Repository.

“The new LTE network will provide our customers with the best possible mobile experience, and HP played a key role in the successful integration with our LTE network equipment provider," said Jan Trionow, chief executive officer, Hutchison 3G Austria. “HP is a trusted partner that has worked closely with us for years, providing a wide range of solutions from core network to BSS and infrastructure."

As part of the LTE project, HP provided H3G Austria with additional solutions that can increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience: intelligent network services on the same service platform, including real-time call control, text message welcome and roaming cost optimization; HP AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) to streamline service provisioning; HP Internet Usage Manager for improved session management; HP BSS (business support systems) for better fraud management and revenue assurance; and HP Integration services for inter-carrier billing, mediation and order management.

“H3G Austria is able to transition from 3G to LTE smoothly and cost-effectively with the HP HSS," said David Sliter, vice president and general manager, communications and media solutions, HP. “Working closely with H3G, HP deployed a disaster-tolerant, consolidated subscriber data management platform that uses existing hardware, software and integrations to reduce cost and speed time to market."

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