Jon Rubinstein Leaves HP After Tumultuous 2 Years

By Lindsay Welnick Comments

Hewlett Packard Co can no longer call Jon Rubinstein one of its own.

Rubinstein, the former CEO of the smartphone maker Palm when it was acquired by HP in 2010, left the company after two years, Reuters reported.

Rubinstein lead the push for creating the WebOS operation system for Palm devices, and the introduction of the Palm Pre, Palm's first smartphone to run the system, Wired reported. When Palm's WebOS products received numerous customer complaints, HP's acquisition of the company was seen as a chance to re-launch the mobile hardware line, the report said.

As a result of the negative response to  the WebOS products, HP announced last year that it was suspending any devices based on WebOS. HP revealed in December it would open its WebOS mobile operating system to developers and companies, Reuters reported, potentially competing with Google's Android platform that is incorporated in smartphones and tablet computers.

Rubenstein, who last worked in product innovation within HP's Personal Systems Group, told The Verge HP simply did not have the resources to support the WebOS effort.

Although Rubinstein is no longer working at HP, he remains a board member at, according to Reuters. As a former Apple executive, Rubinstein was known for the consumer electronic giant's colored iMac desktops and the iPod.

Rubinstein said he hasn't decided on his next major venture, but he doesn't plan on a permanent respite.

"I'm not retiring or anything. I've never really retired," he told The Verge. "I'm gonna take a little break for a while, take my time, figure out what I want to do next — I mean this has been a four and half year burn. What we accomplished in four and half years has been amazing."

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