OTT Taps Equinox for Fraud Management


Maine-based OTT Communications has implemented Equinox Information Systems' Protector Fraud Management System. This comes less than four years after OTT started using TeleLink – Equinox's mediation and analytics platform.

Equinox says Protector provides real-time telecom fraud detection by identifying instances in which a customer's actual usage varies from expected usage in a manner that suggests fraudulent activity. TeleLink facilitates the delivery of call records by filtering and converting data to the appropriate formats for billing and operational support systems (B/OSS), and it provides sophisticated usage analytics. Both applications integrate with most switch types, including GenBand C3 and M6 switches, which are used by OTT Communications. 

“Both TeleLink and Protector play a key role in the operations of our network," said Carol Grover, director of billing & revenue assurance at OTT Communications. “Our experience implementing TeleLink, coupled with the fact that Protector has saved carriers millions of dollars in fraud losses over the last 25 years, made Equinox the clear choice as our partner for fraud management."

OTT Communications is a telecommunications and Internet provider.

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