FastTrack Taps Equinox for Fraud Management


FastTrack Communications, a CLEC doing business in Colorado and New Mexico, has licensed Equinox Information Systems' Protector fraud-management system.

“Protector will allow us to better identify and respond to fraudulent activity on our network," said John Monday, director of network engineering and operations at FastTrack. “The prospect of monitoring usage records in real time and having an integrated case management and investigation tool is very appealing."

Protector identifies suspicious and/or fraudulent activity, providing real-time fraud protection. It does so by monitoring usage records for instances in which actual usage varies from expected usage, which is defined by a number of configurable metrics.

“In addition to Protector’s technical features, we offer communication service providers a forum to share known fraudulent numbers and activity, so that carriers can mitigate exposure to telecom fraud as more effectively, "said Equinox Executive Vice President David West.

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