Pegasystems Updates Customer Process Manager


Pegasystems has made what it calls significant enhancements to the company’s Customer Process Manager (CPM) customer service solution that enables organizations to deliver customer service anywhere, extending service to every customer channel, including via mobile devices and social media.

Pegasystems says CPM allows a customer interaction to seamlessly transition from one channel to the next without any loss of context, improving the probability of a successful result with adaptive and predictive analytics. The new Pega CPM also eases work management with improved case management and knowledge management features, making sure that call center staff have the right information at the right time to provide unparalleled levels of service with greater efficiency, the company said.

The solution enables organizations to define their customer service processes once and use them everywhere, including on mobile devices and in social media channels, such as Facebook. This functionality eliminates repetitive work, drives consistency across channels and enables companies to optimize customer interactions at every opportunity, Pega said.

Pega CPM breaks down traditional organizational and communication channel silos that are barriers to personalization, employee productivity and work automation. By connecting people, processes, and systems across the enterprise, and applying rich context and predictive analytics before and during interactions, CPM directly aligns the company’s and customer’s business goals. Pega CPM is available as an on-premise and a cloud solution, providing organizations with the ability to easily move from one environment to the other as their needs require, the company said.

“Today’s organizations are struggling with the explosion of new communication channels and devices and how to manage ever growing amounts of customer data," said Steve Kraus, senior director of product marketing for customer service solutions at Pegasystems. “Our latest enhancements seamlessly connect customers to customer service organizations. Traditional CRM solutions require companies to recreate their content for each channel. With Pega CPM, companies can design their customer process once and deploy across all channels. As a result, organizations can achieve a tremendous increase in productivity, consistency and customer satisfaction. By allowing seamless integration with Pega’s predictive and adaptive analytic offerings, CPM delivers an incredible platform for innovation."

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