Subex Upgrades ROC Revenue Assurance Solution


Subex is debuting version five of its ROC Revenue Assurance offering, which aims to simplify revenue assurance for communications service providers (CSPs). It also capabilities that the company calls industry-firsts: RevenuePad and Zen.

Subex says revenue assurance is quickly becoming an enterprise-wide tool, and RevenuePad provides CSPs with such abilities, helping them to grow the function through assistance in roadmap planning and maturity enhancement. It will also guide CSPs on which assurance areas and KPIs to cover to improve operational performance and advance along the maturity scale, the company said. RevenuePad will also be available as a mobile app for iPad, with apps for other mobile device platforms to follow soon.

Zen, Subex says, is the industry’s first solution that sifts through millions of records and zooms in on a problem area in a matter of seconds. This reduces the time to find root causes by more than 90 percent and provides a substantial boost to analyst productivity, thereby helping CSPs recover revenues much faster.

“The ROC Revenue Assurance solution along with its RevenuePad and Zen capabilities will be a one-stop shop for a CSP’s revenue-assurance needs ..." said Sudeesh Yezhuvath, chief operating officer at Subex. “Additionally, the ROC Revenue Assurance 5 Solution is mobile-device enabled and can be accessed by service providers anywhere anytime. This means that they will be able to gauge the revenue-assurance health, analyze key metrics and make important decisions on the move."

The ROC Revenue Assurance 5 solution is market-ready.

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