Empirix Releases LTE Analysis Packages

By Lindsay Welnick Comments

Empirix this week announced the availability of the Empirix xCentrix LTE Analysis Package.

Through intelligent correlation and comprehensive analysis of network data, Empirix says xCentrix provides insight into LTE utilization, integration and performance issues as well as the factors impacting customer experience and quality of service.

It enables operators to provide better service under evolving conditions, uncover new revenue opportunities, develop new pricing models and control costs, the company said.

“Operators are evaluating and implementing a variety of strategies to manage the tremendous demand for bandwidth the smart-device revolution has created," said Akshay Sharma, research director, Gartner, carrier network infrastructure. "Large-scale LTE deployment is an important step; however, there are significant challenges with regards to integrating with existing systems, continuously delivering a quality experience and minimizing overall cost per bit delivered."

With new visibility into how specific handsets, customer behaviors, applications, services and physical location impact LTE network resources, operators can preempt service-impacting issues, quickly troubleshoot issues and effectively plan infrastructure investments.

Empirix says its xCentrix LTE Analysis Package helps companies tailor usage plans. It also reduces traffic expenses through tighter management of partner contracts. Most importantly, mobile operators can now vigilantly guard customer experience to reduce churn.

Empirix xCentrix’s on-demand reporting allows users to interact with the data on the go, explore all data dimensions and measures, and design reports or dashboards based on their unique requirements. It also offers a Web-based interface for drilling into micro events or layering multiple data points and key performance indicators.

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