BT Touts 'World's Fastest Working High-Speed Broadband Service'


BT says it has launched the first-ever trial of a 10Gbps broadband network in a live working environment.

Cornwall-based Arcol UK is the test site for deployment of the new technology where the service runs in tandem with the company’s existing 330Mbps service on the same fiber. The trial uses new fiber technology called XGPON (Tens of Gibabits on a Passive Optical Network) developed by ZTE, in partnership with Openreach.

Arcol is connected by a direct fiber link from its offices to BT’s exchange in Truro, and is the first business in the U.K. to enjoy what BT says are record-breaking speeds, with more bandwidth available than was used at the highest peak for the entire Olympics media network.

The demonstration aims to show how even faster speeds could be provided over Cornwall’s new fiber infrastructure in the future by upgrading the electronics at the exchange and in user premises.

Potential speeds are so fast, BT says, that the physical limits of the networking and computer equipment prevent the line from being used at its maximum capacity. And although the direct link between the Truro exchange and Arcol runs at 10Gbps, the company isn’t connected to the wider Internet at those speeds as there is nothing that can be done on the Web with 10Gbps.

“What is exciting about this trial is that these hyper-fast speeds have been obtained over the exactly the same fiber that carries BT’s fiber broadband services today," said Ranulf Scarbrough, program director for the Cornwall SuperFast Broadband Program. "All we are doing is changing the electronics at either end."

The Superfast Cornwall Program is a pioneering superfast broadband partnership between the EU, BT and Cornwall Council, which has made fiber-optic broadband available to more than 100,000 Cornish homes and businesses.

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