Sigma's Cloud ServiceBroker Is Available


Sigma Systems today announced that the Sigma Cloud ServiceBroker, an integrated SaaS service fulfillment solution for the selection, provisioning and management of SaaS services and applications, is now generally available to service providers around the world.

According to Sigma Systems, the Cloud ServiceBroker platform reduces costs, removes operational silos and reduces overall capex and opex by providing a product for managing all telecommunications business services, including VoIP and high-speed broadband, as well as cloud-based SaaS applications. The Cloud ServiceBroker enables service providers to extend value-added SaaS services to their SMB customers, as well as residential subscribers, in a scalable, economic manner while shortening overall time to deployment.

In addition, the Cloud ServiceBroker features an end-user portal that facilitates the process of adding and modifying services, users and preferences for the business customer. The portal offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, which reduces support requirements and gives the SMB more control over their services.

Sigma said that the Cloud ServiceBroker provides the SMB end-user portals, order management, provisioning, billing integration and single sign-on (SSO) across a suite of SMB SaaS, including online, data and remote backup and storage solutions, CRM tools, antivirus, security and information management solutions, social media and marketing tools, hosted office solutions such as email and document sharing, and other business-critical applications.

Among the global SaaS providers that integrate with the Sigma Cloud ServiceBroker are Mozy, SugarCRM,, Vertical Response, Google Apps and F-Secure Antivirus.

The Cloud ServiceBroker's unified architecture allows service providers to offer their SMB customers a single source for access and management of the third-party SaaS applications, Sigma said. Providers can establish and grow a unique and integrated catalog of SaaS applications that complement their suite of network services and allow for flexible bundling to meet their business customers' needs. Sigma plans to add set of new software options each quarter to ensure that service providers' product catalogs continue to add value to their SMB customers.

Capitalizing on existing network services and systems, the Sigma Cloud ServiceBroker is built on Sigma's Service Management Platform (SMP), a multiservice fulfillment solution that enables the quick and seamless delivery of IP service offerings. For existing users of SMP, the new solution can be added seamlessly. The Cloud ServiceBroker also integrates with existing BSS and other back-office systems, so operators can bring cloud services to their subscribers quickly, accelerating time-to-revenue.

In addition, service providers may choose to deploy the Sigma Cloud ServiceBroker on-premises or opt for Sigma to host Cloud ServiceBroker from a multitenant deployment in the cloud.

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