Yankee Group: BYOD Trend Will Put Enterprises in 'Bill Shock'


The bring your own device trend may cause enterprises to experience bill shock as their employees disregard the cost of connectivity.

Many companies still pay for wireless plans, according to a recent ZDNet report, even when BYOD policies are in place. Employees now use more data to work longer hours in and out of the office, and the report indicates that they connect with little regard for cost.

Sheryl Kingstone, Yankee Group research director, said that data from Yankee group shows IT has moved toward allowing — or even supporting — consumer apps and devices.

"...As a result,  it is now a complex world for managing employee devices," Kingstone said. "If companies are turning to BYOD to control costs they will be sadly mistaken."

Kingstone added that companies need to understand the costs associated with individual plans.

"The big buckets to manage are roaming and IT management costs," she said. "The costs are not just about data bill shock, but also the costs associated with managing different devices and versions of employee applications."

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