Mom Threatens To Sue Over $148,000 Bill Shock 'Nightmare'


**Editor's Note: Click here for a recap of some of the worst cases of bill shock of all time.**

While "bill shock" seems to be getting under control in many parts of the world – including Europe and the United States – there are still places where it's less of a surprise to get blasted by a massive cellphone bill.

Take Australia, for instance, where Nella Panetta returned home from an Italian vacation to discover she owed Telstra $148,000 (approximately $156,000 U.S.). Now she's threatening to take legal action over her yearlong "nightmare" dealing with the carrier's accounts department, Perth Now reported.

Panetta says she used Facebook and Skype for a few days in Italy last year before she says she turned off her global roaming setting and got a local SIM card.

"...  I thought it was a misprint. The first [bill] was for about $75,000, and then it just kept getting bigger and bigger," Panetta said, according to the article. She says Telstra is still pursuing her for charges that have increased to $161,000. But a Telstra spokesperson said Panetta was told the $148,000 charge would be waived and the company is investigating how it could've gotten that high.

Nonetheless, Panetta says the carrier's accounts division is still calling her to collect.

The Australian government is in the process of piecing together regulations that would require carriers to issue usage alerts to its customers and warn them about incurring higher charges when they are travelling internationally. The European Union two years ago put in place strict regulations that hold carriers accountable for failing to meet similar standards. They are merely guidelines in the U.S., but most wireless operators are abiding by them.

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