Sports Fans Want Fast, Free Wi-Fi at Events


Sports fans don't just want fast and stable Wi-Fi when attending games — they want it for free.

One in five survey respondents from the U.K. said they have checked for Wi-Fi in sports venues, according to research by Easynet and iBAHN. In addition, 37 percent of those said they used it to go online, but only 3 percent said they would pay for the Wi-Fi access.

On the other hand, 11 percent who've visited a venue in the past two years said they would pay for Wi-Fi to get live commentary, and 12 percent said they would pay for real-time replays.

Another 19 percent agreed with the idea of ordering and paying for halftime refreshments on mobile devices via Wi-Fi.

“We need to show fans and event-goers that technology can enhance a visit to a stadium rather than detract from the main event," said Adrian Thirkill, Easynet’s UK managing director. "As the ‘second screen’ evolves, using a tablet to access information synchronized with an event will become second nature."

In the U.S., people who attend events like the Super Bowl get a personalized interactive experience, and they already have the ability to order and pay for their halftime refreshments via mobile devices.

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