SUTEL Selects AIRCOM Tool to Analyze Network Performance


SUTEL has chosen AIRCOM International's ASSET tool to analyze and benchmark the performance of Costa Rica's mobile network.

The company plans to deploy mobile services to just over 95 percent of Costa Rica, and using ASSET will help ensure a fair comparison of performances across all independent networks, the company said. SUTEL will use these measurements to inform policy decisions and ensure operators meet quality standards.

ASSET helps mobile operators design, plan and optimize multi-technology radio networks. It will allow SUTEL to identify areas of poor network coverage, weak signal strength and high interference, while its network design capabilities can automate time-consuming tasks.

“Our mobile industry, while young, is growing fast," said Glenn Fallas, services quality director at SUTEL.

“This year, mobile penetration in Costa Rica reached 100 percent, up from under 50 percent in 2008," he added. "AIRCOM’s ASSET tool will allow us to continually monitor the progress being made in ensuring that reliable telecoms services are available to everyone in the country."

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