Aspect Software Aligns Social Media with Contact Centers

By Craig Galbraith Comments

Aspect Software has introduced Aspect Social, a cloud-based product that the company says aligns interactions organizations have with customers on social media sites with their overall customer contact operations.

Aspect says companies can now move beyond passive social channel monitoring and delivering ad-hoc responses, to empower contact-center agents to act in a disciplined, timely way on inquiries or comments in the social sphere, or even proactively engage customers in anticipation of disruptive events such as power outages or travel delays.

"Most companies today simply monitor social media conversations on marketing campaigns or promotions on the social Web, sometimes responding to them but, more often ignoring them," said Jim Freeze, chief marketing officer of Aspect. "However, as customers increasingly turn to social networks for customer service response interaction, organizations need to embrace social media as a vital, two-way channel that can amplify their ability to deliver a differentiated customer experience. By aligning social customer care with the metrics and processes proven to work in the contact center infrastructure, Aspect Social enables organizations to create genuine customer advocacy by turning social monologues into productive dialogues that grow customer loyalty."

A recent Forrester study shows that 58 percent of customer service strategy decision makers see managing social media inquiries as their top challenge.

Aspect Social was developed through a partnership with Lithium Technologies. Aspect says the new offering combines the strengths of its customer contact and workforce optimization platform with the Lithium Social Web product that Lithium gained through its recent acquisition of Social Dynamx.

Among the tools Aspect Social provides contact center agents and supervisors are: role-based user interface; automated prioritization and matching; advanced conversation management; SLA-based metrics; proactive social engagement; and CRM integration.

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