CHR, Monolith Team on Service Assurance

By Craig Galbraith Comments

CHR Solutions' managed-services offerings now use Monolith Software's unified services assurance platform, mSuite ITM.

Monolith says CHR is leveraging all of mSuite ITM, including event management, metric management, topology mapping, service-level management and customizable dashboards. By performing these functions using Monolith's single code base, single database, and single mediation engine platform, CHR is said to be able to deliver enhanced efficiencies to their customers.

CHR Solutions provides its managed-service customers with customized dashboards with company logos tailored to their specific needs. Using Monolith's SLM Module, CHR is able to provide real-time service-level management views across multiple locations, systems or applications.

"Monolith Software's unified service assurance platform allows us to provide our clients with better insight and a higher quality of service," said Marc Hayden, head of sales and marketing, CHR. "This solution promotes productivity and agility, while managing operational costs."

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