cPacket Launches Network Performance, Monitoring Solution

By Craig Galbraith Comments

Saying it radically simplifies the way in which cloud and data-center professionals pinpoint issues, Mountain View, Calif.-based cPacket Networks has unveiled a new network performance and monitoring solution called SPIFEE.

SPIFEE (Stream & Packet Inspection Front End Environment) includes the new cPacket Search, which, in the same way a Google Search finds relevant information from anywhere on the Web based on text strings, makes it possible to “grep" the entire network – in real-time – and immediately find relevant traffic patterns, performance bottlenecks, and applications misbehavior, cPacket said.

“Until now, network professionals have invested enormous time and effort in storing large amounts of traffic on disk, and then trying to post-process that data to analyze network performance and applications problems," said Rony Kay, founder and CEO of cPacket.  “This is both very costly and doesn’t scale to the massive amounts of traffic in today’s network environments.   oreover, too much time and too many resources are spent collecting unusable data, instead of analyzing and solving actual problems. Our goal is to enable network professionals to surgically search and find what they need instantly."

The SPIFEE solution streamlines distributed deployments of cPacket’s cVu traffic monitoring switches. SPIFEE capabilities include real-time grep for any specific traffic, anywhere in the network, according to any combination of header fields and patterns in the packets payload content, providing instantly ranked results; interactive visual mapping and dashboards of all the smart ports from the cPacket cVu devices across the network, including unified access for filtering, forwarding, aggregating, replicating, balancing, and archiving granular performance and health metrics; and on-the-fly analysis of network performance, application’s behavior, and trends, viewed with a simple performance gadget and combined with proactive alerts based on thresholds, ratios and events.

cPacket says SPIFEE provides a streamlined approach to a continuous improvement cycle of network operations, optimization and troubleshooting. It perpetually monitors the network and provides proactive notice of anomalies, performance bottlenecks, spikes, and application behavior abnormalities. In combination with the real-time network grep function, SPIFEE is designed to allow instant drill-down into any relevant information that is needed to solve problems.

SPIFEE was introduced at the Cisco Live event in London.

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