LIME Tackles Bill Shock With Tangoe's Real-Time TEM Solution

By Craig Galbraith Comments

LIME, the Caribbean division of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC), has adopted Orange, Conn.-based Tangoe's Real-Time Telecom Expense Management (rTEM) solution as a value-added offering to its customers.

LIME will use customized versions of Tangoe rTEM to provide enterprise and residential customers with usage-management capabilities that offer real-time expense monitoring of their mobile devices.

“With our rollout of next-generation network technology and the rapid growth of data-intensive mobile applications, an increasing number of our customers are looking to us to provide tools that will help them manage their mobile device costs and usage in real-time. With Tangoe’s rTEM solution, our customers throughout the region, including tourists, can now access real-time usage management tools to help them better manage their mobile service," said Emerson Hewitt, VP of imagineering and mobile, LIME. “We are very pleased to work with Tangoe to deliver these new, market-leading features to our customers."

Tangoe says its carrier solution portfolio helps enterprise customers and individual users by providing six distinctly bundled services: managed mobility services (MMS); telecom expense management (TEM); bill aggregation and presentation; real-time telecom expense management (rTEM); usage management for consumers (FamZee); and on-device, real-time international roaming usage and cost management (SmartUsage).

Tangoe claims its customizable carrier solutions help global communications providers in delivering their mobility customers with a suite of product solutions that are able to meet their varied needs. Using Tangoe rTEM, LIME’s enterprise and residential customers can centrally manage telecom expenses in real-time, with streamlined reporting on mobile data, voice and SMS usage, international roaming, usage anomalies and asset-location tracking. LIME plans to launch a branded offering this month in Jamaica and Barbados and will expand its offering to all of LIME’s markets in early 2013.

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